NoWet Super Nano Hydrophobic Liquid Water Repellent Spray

NoWet Super-Hydrophobic Water Repellent coating, its found in nature, they appear on plant leaves, such as the Lotus leaf, and some insect wings. The coating can be sprayed onto objects to make them waterproof. The spray is Water Repellent, anti-corrosive and anti-icing, has self cleaning capabilities, and can be used to protect Fabric, Shoes, Suede, Circuits, Grids, Electronics, Glass, Car Paint Body, Car Dashboard, Car Seats,  Shower Cubicles, Solar Panels, Fabric, Plastic, Wood, Metal.


Car Nano-Coating

Exterior Nano-Coating, Windows Glass Coating, Dashboard & Seats Coating. Your vehicle’s ‘new look’ will last a long while with breakthrough Super Hydrophobic Nano Coating spray. You can contact with our sales team for auto detailing and Nano car coatings.

Home Surface Protection

Let the kids and pets play. No worries. You can now make your dress, fabric, furniture, curtains and carpets, Shower Cubicles, Mirror waterproof. Nowet stain repellent, oleophobic and hydrophobic coatings protect your home interiors and exteriors.

Electronics & Solar Panels Coating

Nanocoating is a must to protect Solar Panels from sun, moss, bird droppings and salty water & Electronics devices from moisture. Start a new journey with NoWet Nano-Coating.

Personal Goods Protection

Shoes, sportswear and accessories, everything you want to use longer, made them ultra durable by our product. This coating spray provides water repellency to your accessories like helmets, goggles, watches, shoes, bags, jackets and even your mobile phone.

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